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Our Products-

Face Down Support Seated Support Basic Cushion Deluxe Cushion
Body Cushion Face Down Cushion Rental Packages Accessories

-Seated Support-
(For Rent)

During the day, remain active while recovering from your Vitrectomy surgery with the Seated Support. This versatile chair is easy to carry, lightweight, and fast to adjust. It is a great tool for resting, reading, writing, socializing, drinking, and even watching TV!

The Seated Support is completely adjustable for the widest variety of body types, sizes and other physical considerations. The knee pads could be easily removed to maximize adjustability and comfort. The Seated Support is easy to fold for storage or travel.

New- Memory Foam face cushions are now avaiable. This cushion is made with the same visco-elastic foam system originally created by NASA but now perfected by Sweedish scientists! Our Material is a high density, fluid-like viscoelastic, open-celled, breathable media. It is unlike any other pressure management material on the market.

-With Removable Knee Pads-

Knee surgery? Can't bend your knee? Do you have knee arthritis? We have the perfect solution: our innovative line of chairs provides maximum comfort for patients whom have had knee injuries and arthritis. This feature allows you to have a facedown angle without back or neck strain with or without bending your knees. Please ask about our chairs with the option of removable kneepads.

-With Tray-

Our chairs contains a wide tray that may be used for drinking a glass of water, eating a bowl of fruit, reading a great novel, writing letters to your loved ones, and much more.

-With Extra Accessories-

Sternum Pad: This optional alternative Chest Pad will allow female patients to have less pressure on their breasts by concentrating the pressure on the sternum and not the breasts.

3-Pad Cushion: This alternative cushion allows you to wear your glasses while you are face down, so you can see well enough to browse a magazine, watch television and maintain other normal everyday activities. (Comes with washable cotton covers.)

Face Down Support Seated Support Basic Cushion Deluxe Cushion
Body Cushion Face Down Cushion Rental Packages Accessories

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