Attention: Benjamin

Thank you so much for donating the facedown support chair to an Operation Access patient who is low-income and without medical insurance. Having this chair will greatly help him recover from the surgery that Dr. Arthur Fu and CPMC hospital is donating to this patient. Attached you will find a thank-you letter for this generous donation. You will find our tax ID # in the letter so you can use this for tax purposes.

Thanks and let me know if you would like any more information!



Just to let you know that I am pleased with the "FACE DOWN" system I rented from you. It worked very well - especially the tray that fit under the mattress.

Thank you for getting it to me so promptly - I ordered it Thursday everning around 6:00PM and when I got up at 11:00 Friday it had already arrived. I was so surprised.

Again thank you for the very good service.
Sally S.


Thank you so much for taking all my calls, answering my questions, etc. Your kindness was very much appreciated.

I purchased the Deluxe Cushion System for my "face down" post-operation position.

It is well designed, extremely comfortable, affordable, and according to my retinal surgeon, was "attributable to my excellent recuperation and successful surgery". In my case, it was a 14-day duration.

I highly recommend this company and Deluxe Cushion System for anyone having to recuperate in a face-down position. The purchase of this system was much cheaper than renting vitrectomy equipment. It didn't shift or separate when using it.

The comfort was much better than I thought it would be. The low shipping rate was an added bonus.

This company delivered it in a timely manner, as promised.

Thanks for the excellent customer service and prompt delivery.
Linda C.
Flagstaff, AZ


My husband's recovery period after his surgery to repair a macular hole was greatly aided by your products. The seated support system, with the mirror, made the long periods of facedown posture almost enjoyable. Well, at least tolerable. He was able to watch television, read, and write comfortably. We also purchased the support system for sleeping in the facedown positin. This system made a tremendous difference in the challenge of staying in that position for the night.

You listened patiently to our predicament and were so very helpful in determining how to help us. We are very grateful for the service you provide, and for your kind manner.
Annemarie W.


The equipment was critical, not only because it provided comfort, but also because it resulted in an excellent surgical outcome.

Paul Wallace, MD
San Francisco, CA


Dear Nina,

I had a wonderful service you provided. I could not have survived for a week face down without your equipment!

Many Thanks,
Sandra Pirnie


I really appreciated your assistance and working with us and our insurance company as well as the doctor's office to get the rental vitrectomy equipment to us and it did help him be as comfortable as anyone could be -in a face down position for 7 days. The two way mirror was wonderful. He used my mother's wheeled walker so he could rest his upper body on the handles, which helped with the face down walking, (short trips) and take walks around the driveway as the weather was beautiful that week.

Thank you so much,
Rose H.
Cheyenne, WY



I just completed my "face down" time recovering from vitrectomy surgery. I want to thank you for your excellent service. As I happen to live close to your Mountain View Location I was able to pick up my equipment myself. I was please by the amount of time spend with me, not only in adjusting the chair, but showing me how to readjust if required, and making sure I understood how the equipment was to be used. Without this chair I do not believe I would have been able to have successfully completed my "face down" period.

Additionally the information on your Web Site (tips and hints) was very useful in preparing my house for the recovery period.

Mark Lewis Spitz
San Jose, CA



Too often we do not take the time to thank someone for doing such a great job, and Raymond and I would like to thank you for all your help when we came to pick up his Face Support and Seated Support.

You were so professional, yet warm and helpful. We were so concerned about his eye surgery, and you made us feel so much more comfortable about what we were about to undertake.

Your helpful tips on the face support and Seated Support placement and use were perfect. We did not receive a lot of information about the care after the surgery and you put our minds at ease about the use of the equipment.

Thank you Nina for being so kind and calming during this difficult time. Also thank you for taking care of the Medical forms for our medical coverage.

Suzanne and Raymond Abold
Burlingame, CA



I was recently diagnosed with macular hole not only in one eye but in both of my eyes. The prognosis being eventual blindness in each eye. I opted for Vitrectomy surgery in my right eye first. I was informed that for the eye surgery to be successful I would have to remain in a head down position for 3 weeks and that included sleeping, eating, walking, seating, bathing for 24 hours a day.

There are no guarantees that the surgery will be successful so I decided I had to give it my best shot. I contacted Vitrectomy.com in Mountain View, CA, I was amazed to find how may aids they have available. I rented the Seated Support, The Face Down Support for my mattress and table and a two way Mirror for watching television. The aides were all very comfortable and easy to adjust and move from room to room.

I has now been six weeks since the first surgery. I remained face down for the first 3 weeks and face down while sleeping for the following 3 weeks. My Doctor is very pleased with my progress and said I set a record for perfect compliance to his orders.

I admit it has been a rough and demanding 6 weeks but there is no possible way I could have complied the procedure without the vitrectomy aides I rented. I'm not looking forward to the second surgery but I know for a fact that I won't even consider having it without the equipment I used for the first surgery, I believe it makes the difference between success and failure.

My Health Insurance has refused to pay the expenses for the equipment rental, but in my opinion it is totally foolish to pay for the surgery and not the recovery

Robert Mendoza
Fremont, CA


We would like to thank you for providing us with the equipment my husband needed after his retinal eye surgery. Not knowing what was needed or what to expect, we appreciated the information we received from your web site, and the personal attention you gave when we called. The equipment was most helpful, especially the bed extension and horseshoe pillow support. It made a difficult situation easier to bear – he wonders how he could have managed without it.

We also wish to thank you for handling the shipping of the equipment in such an efficient manner. It was delivered to our door, and then picked up when we were through with it. We commend you on your way of doing business.

Tom and Beverly Carr



Just a few lines to let you know how much your equipment mean to me when I was in great need of it. I don't think I would have succeeded the week without it. More people should know about your company.

Also my daughter told me how kind and helpful you were on the phone. That also is a blessing.

Thank you,
Mrs. Margaret Rossi.
Conshohocken, PA


Dear Sirs,

Thank you so much for the prompt attention to my order, which was placed by my dearest friend.

Thank you also for the good wishes and the paper with tips that you enclosed. I wish the operation was over already and I could start getting my life back on track.



Dear Sir,

On behalf of my wife who had macular hole surgery on her right eye on January 25, 2006 in Riverside, CA. We want to thank you for the outstanding service. You sent the equipment a few days before the surgery so we could become familiar with it. Which we found to be very helpful. My wife is 5ft 3 inches and 120 pounds, with lower back problems. We discovered that the first chair with the black frame was too large for her. Although there were many adjustments available on the chair we had difficulty in finding the right position for her neck. I called you on a Friday and the very next day a smaller chair with a grey frame was delivered to our door. That chair was perfect. My wife began to feel better right away. We were impressed with your quick response and your excellent customer service. You even called that Sunday to check to see how things were going.

We found that the equipment you send out is of good quality and designed to make the Vitrectomy recovery time as comfortable as possible. I cannot say enough regarding how great your service has been. You were always courteous and professional. It's unfortunate that there isn't a support group available for this type of surgery.

Chuck and Birgitta Davis
Riverside, CA


Dear Ben:

I am writing to thank you for making my vitrectomy recovery such a comfortable experience. Your equipment was fantastic. I especially enjoyed the chair coupled with the special dual-view mirror. The chair was extremely comfortable. I had trouble staying awake when using it on many occasions. Actually slept on it two nights of my two-week head down effort.

The adjustments and ease of assembly afforded by your excellent instructions, coupled with your prompt delivery and pickup eased the frustration and anxiety leading up to the operation.

I feel my operation has been made very successful due to the expertise of Mr. Logani, my eye surgeon, and the usage of your recovery equipment. Thank you.

Stephen Robinson
Indio, CA


Dear Ben & Company,

Thank You! The products worked wonderfully. It made my recovery time "face down" go so smoothly. I will write a "recommendation letter" when my eyesight (and handwriting) are better.

Thank You,
Marianne Wiley



On March 1st I had vitrectomy surgery and had to stay in a motel room for part of my recovery. I just want to thank you for your vitrectomy support system. It was truly a must. I have had a laminectomy and a fusion in my lower back and I didn't know how I could survive laying on my stomach for a prolonged time. I want to tell you that the ergonomically designed chair/desk was so fantastic. It took the strain off my back until it seemed I never had back problems. Using the facedown support was also quite comfortable. Just having a variety of positions was very comforting. Thank you so much!

Erika Emke


Thank You!

The chair and bed face support were so very helpful.

My 12 days of face down position would have been impossible without your equipment.

Thanks again,
Martha Miller



My surgery took place on 2/16. The first night used your Face Down Support + arm rest shelf. During the daytimes used the Quick Lock Face Rest with Balance Base Yoke Bar at my kitchen table. Most useful of all was the 2 way mirror. This enabled me to view the outside, look at whoever was speaking to me + watch TV programs.

This package of home health aids after my Vitrectomy surgery made 9 days of necessary "face down position" more bearable.

Warlene Wiley
Mesa, Arizona


To Vitrectomy:

Your Company has been wonderful to deal with. I only wish that every Company everywhere still offered the fine courteous service that you have provided. You are to be commended.

I ordered all four pieces: the Face Down Support, the Seated Support, the Accessories and the Mat System. There was no pushy salesperson telling me I had to get everything.

The Seated Support was a real lifesaver. I never could have maintained this posture during the daytime hours without it. It was comfortable enough I even napped in the seat while trying to watch television to entertain myself.

I am pleased to report that my doctor told me that the Macular Hole is completely closed. He and the nurse in his office raved about my puffy eyes each time I went in to his office. He said the puffiness was indicative that I was keeping my head down.

You have truly been "Sight Savers." Without the equipment, I couldn't have done this.

Teri Pitts


To Vitrectomy Patients:

When I was diagnosed with a macular hole I was extremely apprehensive about a number of things, not the least of which was managing the recovery period in a "face down" position. I began searching the internet for information and found Vitrectomy.com which led me to the answer to many prayers.

Ben responded to my first e-mail inquiry and so many of my problems disappeared! He's amazing. He explained the types of packages they provide, at what cost and how they could be used to assist me in managing to remain as comfortable as possible during my recuperation period.

I provided Ben with my insurance information and he immediately went to work on my behalf. Contacted my ophthalmologist to obtain a prescription for the equipment. Contacted my insurance provider and clarified the need and use for the equipment and then shipped the equipment to me the next day! Upon my return of the equipment, my insurance company was billed and paid 80% of the rental equipment fees within two weeks!!! My prepayment to Vitrectomy.com was reimbursed immediately and I received a check from Ben in two days!!! I cannot thank these folks enough for their professionalism, courtesy and compassion.

All in all, I would not hesitate to recommend the use of any of the equipment provided and I truly appreciate the kindness and efficiency with which my order was handled, processed and completed!!!

Shelley Mellon
Oakhurst, California



I want to thank you and your staff for making my vitrectomy at least bearable. The recuperation period is as hard as anything I have had to overcome.

The support chair was an enormous help, as it made the face down position much easier on the back and neck. I was able to watch television with the mirror positioned toward the screen.

The fact that the chair was set up in my home, and not just left for me to try to assemble was part of the convenience your company offered.

I recommend any one who has to undergo this type of procedure not to hesitate to rent the chair.

Yours truly,
Betty Margan
Oakland, CA



Thank you for your Great products. Recovery is always faster if one can relax and allow the blood to circulate.

Again Sincerely,
Jim Tompkins
Tacoma, WA



Dear Ben,

I want to thank you for your wonderful products and your wonderful products and your excellent service. The equipment was a tremendous help to me during the post-operative period when I had to keep my face down for two weeks.

The equipment arrived a few days before my surgery, just as you promised. When I received the package, I had a few questions, so I called your office and spoke to Eric. He was extremely cooperative and patient, talking as much time as needed to explain everything to me.

I used all the items in the Vitrectomy Package, and I am so glad that I also obtained a Cushion from you. The Cushion was very helpful, both for resting and for sleeping.

Everyone in your company really cares about your customers and serving them. I will be forever grateful to you for your assistance during a challenging time.

Jeff Keller
E. Norwich, NY



Dear Sir,

I recently rented a Vitrectomy post surgical package from your company and was very pleased with your products and service. This package really helped me a great deal in my recovery from macular hole surgery. I would certainly recommend it and your company to anyone who is facing vitrectomy surgery.

Your courteous service and the ease of ordering and returning the equipment was much appreciated. Thanks for all your help.

Kay Brandt
Chatsworth, CA



Dear Sirs,

The recovery period after Macular Hole Surgery seems much worse than the surgery itself. Without your face down devices, I would have been much more uncomfortable. Because of the many different ways the Face Down Support can be used, I was able to change positions and locations frequently. Unless you have experienced this extreme recovery positions and locations frequently. Unless you have experienced this extreme recovery position, you cannot imagine the discomfort you have in your neck and back.

I can truly say that your product carried me through. I used it in bed, in chairs, on tables, and even outside. Thank you and the person who developed this. The package arrived exactly when you said and this has been an efficient exchange. Also, I feel your prices are extremely reasonable.

Doris Smith
Ft. Worth, TX



To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in helping me "survive" the recovery period after my Vitrectomy surgery.

When I was told I would have to have this surgery and would have to lie flat for approximately 3 weeks, I didn't know if I could do it. My daughter went on the Internet to do some research on the operation itself and found your company. The equipment that you provided to me definitely made this experience more acceptable and comfortable. I do not know what I would have done had I not had the opportunity to rent your equipment.

I would also like to thank Benjamin for his compassion and professionalism. He went above and beyond the call of duty as my original surgery was cancelled by the doctor at the last minute and rescheduled for two weeks later. Of course, I had already received my equipment and was afraid that this would be a problem. Benjamin was very understanding and eased my anxieties, which were very high! Also, the return of the equipment was so easy and effortless. Your company, staff and equipment are truly a god-send!

I would highly recommend your services to anyone that has to have this type of surgery. I don't know how anyone can have this surgery and not utilize the equipment you provide and home for a successful recovery.

Again, my sincere thanks!
Lorene Wimberly


To Whom It May Concern,

Just wanted to thank you and let you know that your table top face holder WORKS. For ten days it was one of my best friends, allowing me to sit up and not worry about my eye. I was able to work on my laptop with the screen angled and stay in touch with friends and work. Boy, did it brake up the monotony.

Thanks again,
Dave Sanden


Dear Sir,

I wish to sincerely thank you in behalf of my wife whom you supplied with equipment to make her life more tolerable and comfortable following her recent eye surgery.

Your "seated support system" and the "facedown support system" made her existence more bearable and I am sure that it helped speed up her recovery! I really don't know how we would have managed without your wonderful products!

I also wish to highly commend you for your very professional way in which you conduct your business and the most reasonable rental rates. My wife was there – and most impressed – with your kindness and understanding with that lady who was almost blind and needed your help!


John Egan
Concord, CA


To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is thank you and also recognize the efforts of your company for not only your products but your quality customer service.

I rented your equipment to assist in the maintenance & management of my required face-down position following a Vitrectomy to repair a macular hole.

My mother, Georgina, was scheduled to have a Vitrectomy with Dr. Kaplan for the second time in a year. At her first surgery, I recalled it being very difficult for her to keep her head down. She had to endure, neck and back pain. And also had to deal some depression due to the fact that at each visit she was told that she had to keep her head down an additional two weeks and so on until it totaled up to six weeks of remaining in this position.

This year, I dreaded the thought of my mother having to go through this experience again and decided to inquire as to whether or not any DME was available for such a thing. Upon calling Dr. Kaplan’s office, nothing was suggested other than to call a local DME supplier and inquire on my own. I came up with your company when doing a search and it was a life saver! My mother did not experience any discomfort this time and was well enough to watch television, read, knit and even more importantly sleep comfortably! And her surgery was successful with only her having to keep her head down for the two weeks.

I myself, working in the health care field for the past 14 years, was surprised that her specialist was not able to recommend such a product. But I am glad that we were able to do so on our own and can only hope other families’ do the same. Ben, has been of great assistance with insurance approval and reimbursement. Independent from the surgery itself, this has been a wonderful experience and we both thank you for all your guidance and assistance.

The return of the equipment was especially easy to do, with UPS picking it up at my home, as arranged by Ben. Thanks for making an otherwise difficult job of face-down positioning, so crucial to the success of the Vitrectomy, much more accurate & easier for a grateful patient.

Dana Duran
Germantown, MD


Dear Sirs,

You may use this letter as a testimonial to the superior quality of your service and products. I rented your equipment to assist in the maintenance & management of my required face-down position following a Vitrectomy to repair a macular hole.

At my second check-up a week after surgery, the doctor told me I was in the upper 1% for success rate for the first post-operative week. This was due, in large part, to my utilization of your well-made equipment designed for that purpose. I especially appreciated the special chair, table, & mirror for resting, reading, seeing visitors, & watching TV. For traveling, I made use of the face support designed for tabletops. I placed it on my lap w/ the padded U-bar resting on my legs & face support perpendicular to it w/ the buttery-soft leather crescent face pad to stabilize my head during the trip to & from the doctor's office.

In particular, I enjoyed working over the phone first, with Ben, to work out all the details involved with placing & billing the order, and with Eric, who was terrifically patient about walking me through the set-ups with many phone calls & clear step-by-step instructions. I cannot say enough about how accommodating both of these gentlemen were about meeting my needs.

The return of the equipment was especially easy to do, with UPS picking it up at my home, as arranged by Ben.

Thanks for making an otherwise difficult job of face-down positioning, so crucial to the success of the Vitrectomy, much more accurate & easier for a grateful patient.

Marcia Fagelson


Dear Advanced Health Products,

I want to thank you so much for your face down equipment. It was the best help I have ever received. My eye is healing well and Dr. Harrison said the last week really was important toward my vision getting better. Thank you again, you were a real lifesaver.

Betty Cook


To Whom It May Concern,

I appreciate the speedy manner in which you delivered Vitrectomy Post Surgical Recovery Equipment. My ophthalmologist had prescribed that I keep my face parallel to the floor for at least two weeks following surgery. It would have been almost impossible without the aid of your equipment. My Doctor, Everett Ai, was very pleased with the results of my using your equipment religiously. Thank you very much for assisting me to regain the sight of my eye. I am thirty-two and studying to be a teacher. I was operated on February tenth and I am already able to attend class at San Francisco State.

William Loney


Dear Advanced Health Products,

I want to let you know the Vitrectomy Support System made a huge difference in my recovery from eye surgery. Thank you for making this product available.

Following surgery to correct a detached retina I had to spend 10 days lying face down. This position is frustrating and uncomfortable. I could not imagine how I would have followed doctor's orders without the help of the vitrectomy support system. It is comfortable and made it relatively easy to pass the 10 days face-down. Thanks to its various adjustments, the system allowed me to install a TV set on the floor so I could watch TV while keeping my head down. This certainly helped pass the time.

My doctor prescribed the Vitrectomy Support System, thus it was covered by my health insurance. I would strongly recommend this system as part of any person's treatment for detached retina or similar conditions that require the all-important face down healing period. Thanks again for your service.

Yours Sincerely,
David Berry
San Jose, CA


To Whom It May Concern,

Thank you for the quick response and delivery of Vitrectomy Post Surgical Recovery Equipment that was required by my ophthalmic surgeon, Dr. John B. McBeath. These equipment were essential to my recovery. In my opinion, it was not possible to recover without them.

As you are aware, after such a surgery, I was not allowed to raise my head. My eyes were to face down during all activities, including eating and sleeping.

Norman E. Wilson
Lawndale, CA


To Whom It May Concern:

I'm a patient who has been diagnosed with Diabetic Retinopathy. I am under the care of Dr. Harrison. On January 10th, 2000 Dr. Harrison performed surgery on my left eye to repair a tear of my retina and remove scar tissue in an effort to restore my vision due to the Retinopathy.

During Vitrectomy recovery, it was necessary for me to be in a face down position at all times for two weeks following my surgery to insure success. This procedure for two weeks, as you might know, puts a tremendous physical strain on the neck and back and would not have been possible with out the use of the Vitrectomy Support System available to me through Advanced Health Products.

The fact that this equipment was not covered by my insurance was a tremendous hardship for me. I am certain for other patients as well. The prevention of blindness no matter the cost, is a priceless endeavor and one worthy of support.

Maria Derricotte
Alameda, CA


Dear Advanced Health Products,

Your Vitrectomy Recovery Equipment was greatly appreciated during my twelve day post operative period. Without it, I am sure I would have been unable to stay in a head down position for much more than six or eight hours a day and about the same at night. I used the equipment approximately fourteen hours a day and could sleep eight to nine hours at night with my head in the proper position.

I wish to thank you for your courtesy and that of your assistant in explaining how to use the equipment and your prompt service.

Carol Livingston
Palo Alto, CA


To: Advanced Health Products

The Vitrectomy Seated Support chair was an excellent help for me. It would have been impossible for me to keep my head down for many hours each day without it. The face rest was especially helpful during sleep. My recovery from eye surgery was helped tremendously.

Thank you,
Adelne Wu-Ratner
San Francisco, CA


To Whom it May Concern,

These Advanced Health Products were a great help in the healing process for my mother-in-law. I would recommend them to anyone who was in the position for needing them. She was able to communicate and visit with people, and at the same time keep her head down as the doctor ordered. A great product, keep up the good work.

Gary Bascou