Package #4 The Ultimate Vitrectomy Pkg (Vitrectomy Face Down Cushion + Seated Support + Face Down Support + Two-way Mirror + Disposable Covers)- Rental - $299.00 1st week and $180.00 Each Additional Wk">

Package #4 The Ultimate Vitrectomy Pkg (Vitrectomy Face Down Cushion + Seated Support + Face Down Support + Two-way Mirror + Disposable Covers)- Rental - $299.00 1st week and $180.00 Each Additional Wk

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What's in the package?

1. Seated Support

During the day, remain active while recovering from your Vitrectomy surgery with the Ergo Pro Seated Support. This versatile chair is easy to carry, lightweight, and fast to adjust. It is a great tool for resting, reading, writing, socializing, drinking, and even watching TV!

The Ergo Pro Seated Support is completely adjustable for the widest variety of body types, sizes and other physical considerations. The knee pads could be easily removed to maximize adjustability and comfort. The Seated Support is easy to fold for storage or travel.

Memory Foam face cushions are now available. This cushion is made with the same visco-elastic foam system originally created by NASA but now perfected by Swedish scientists! Our Material is a high density, fluid-like viscoelastic, open-celled, breathable media. It is unlike any other pressure management material on the market.

2. Face Down Support System

Off The Bed

The best and most comfortable way to sleep after a vitrectomy surgery; applying the Face Down Support is fast and simple. With no assembly required, it is easy to slide the Face Down Support in between the box springs and the mattress.

With a few quick and snappy adjustments, you will be able to set-up the Face Down Support in just a few minutes.

You may also be able to place the 2-Way Mirror (included) on top of the arm rest shelf to watch television in your bedroom. To do so, simply place the 2-Way Mirror on top of the arm rest shelf and angle it towards your television. 


On The Table

The Face Down Support can be used on top of a table or a desk as well. This is a great way to sit down with the family and yet still being able to face down. This can also be used for reading, writing, eating, socializing, watching television, playing cards and board games, and much more. To use the Face Down Support on the table or desk simply place the equipment at the top of it, lean towards the chest pad, and place your head on the face cushion.

Note: Table not included

3. Vitrectomy Face Down Cushion



The Vitrectomy Face Down Cushion yields better, faster results in treating recovery than a flat table. Patented, specific-density construction provides optimal support for reducing pressure and tension in your bodies so that your recovery will be more effective.

4. Two-way mirror


This Two Way Vitrectomy Mirror allows you to see what's in front of you while maintaining correct face down positioning. The 2-Way Mirror allows you to see your surroundings, converse with family, friends and co-workers, and even watch TV!

5. Disposable Face Covers

Disposable Cover

Vitrectomy Disposable Headrest Covers are made of medical-grade fiber and are ultra soft, thick, luxurious and non-sticking. The fabric has a nice touch and does not feel like paper, more like a soft cotton. Protect your face with a super-soft layer of comfort and sanitation. Made of absorbent medical-grade fiber that is also hypoallergenic. They do not leave face wrinkles on your forehead and face. 


$259.00 First week
$150.00  Additional weeks

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