Face Down Recovery Support System (No Mirror) - for Sitting (at Home or in The Car) and Sleeping During Recovery- Post Vitrectomy, Macular Hole and Retinal Detachment Surgery Recovery Equipment + Carrying Case only $149.00


  • + Better and Sanitary Alternative to Rental Equipment. (Colors May Vary)
  • + Perfect for use by Vitrectomy, Macular hole and Retinal Detachment patients during recovery. As well for sleeping, reading, relaxing, or using your tablet to watch TV or surf the web. Can slide under the mattress and be used for laying face down on a bed.
  • + Easy to adjust the height and angle of the face pillow to maintain the face-down position while relieving the stress from your neck and shoulders. No Assembly Required and Easy to Use
  • + Includes an incredibly comfortable face pad, soft sanitary disposable covers. The device is very comfortable and conforms to many positions.
  • + The system has all for a face down desk & tabletop seated massage, including cushiony upholstered chest pad & adjustable platform with face pillow. Perfect for bigger massage clients as well.
  • + No Mirror Included. 

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